ET25K-English built-in songs

€ 269,00 (Incl. 21% VAT)

Magic Sing ET-25000 (ET25K) Multiplex Karaoke Microphone 2013 Edition.

Magic Sing ET-25000 (ET25K) Karaoke Microphone 2013 Edition is the latest corded microphone from Enter Tech. With everything needed already built-in, this new microphone will surely bring complete enjoyment for parties and family gatherings. 

What's new with the ET-25K?

More songs, more fun!
ET25K karaokemicrophone with 1810 built-in English songs (download songlist)
22 songs with Vocal Assist (Multiplex). Hear a singing voice to assist you in singing.
Four (4) song chips slots for additional song chips (sold separately). Enough to get everyone's favorite songs.
USB port for recorded songs upload.
Eight (8) new games that everyone is sure to enjoy.

What comes with the ET-25K?

Main Microphone
Built-in 1810 English songs.
Carry Bag
Song Book
AC Power Adapter
Song Book
RCA Cable
USB Cable


  • Echo,key,Tempo control
  • Chain Recording/Playback
  • Random Playback
  • Number of BG pictures : 80
  • Number of BG pictures
  • Display all duplicated songs
  • Reservation (100)
  • Repeat (for practicing)
  • Continuous play
  • Change of melody Instrument
  • Real Time Score
  • Voice alteration (M-F-M)
  • My mic (up to 100 customized songs)
  • Voice multiplex - Guided vocal
  • 'Music notes' support (Musical Notation)
  • Option - display lyrics on/off
  • 'Quite' mode (Silent mode)
  • Enhanced lyric display (Lyric Bar)
  • Score board(History check)
  • Song Display(Sorting on Screen)
  • Duplicated song display
  • BG Image Theme support (9 Themes)

The Magic Sing ET-25K is compatible with all Magic Sing song chips.

Including two (2) years warranty.

Download ET-manager